About Us

My name is Kimberly and I am a mother to two boys, John (6) and George (3).  John has Autism Spectrum Disorder and this site first and foremost is for him.  It is my way of contributing to our community and the world on his behalf until he is able to find his own voice, his own unique and wonderful gift to this world!

We own a company called Monkey Logic.  My husband Ash is a software and web application developer who has mostly focused on software to organize and automate companies but is now excited at the idea of creating software exclusively for Autism related issues, needs and treatment.  We are passionate about developing much needed tools for our community, first locally and then nationally as well.  Visit our ABA Voice to check out what we are starting!

I found myself being asked to help others on their journey with Autism.  Finding out this is affecting your little one can be so overwhelming and isolating.  It is a good thing for us that we have such a strong community and the awesome support system you see above.  In Nevada there are a lot of great resources available.  At times it can seem to never be enough but I am grateful every. single. day for all the help that has been given to us.  So as it was, I began to gather the same information over and over again for Moms and families that I thought it might be a good idea to create a website that contained all these links and referrals I was giving to people.  A chance to truly reach more families and help in a broader way.

I have tried to jump on every opportunity, class, meeting that I could to learn what I can about what my son is going through and how we can best help him.  I have found that not a single one of these endeavors has been in vain.  I have learned something valuable from each class/event and I would love for you to join me on this exploration of our little (and not so little) ones and the education we can provide them and ourselves.  I hope you enjoy the site and find reasons to come back over and over again!